Well I’ll Be Damned

Ya know, I often give Electronics Boutique a lot of flak. Especially when it comes to their lame trade-in values, in which they give you $1.20 trade credit on a game only to turn around and put a $49.95 “PRE-OWNED” sticker on it. However, they’ve finally done something really cool that I just got wind of.

Due to such a large number of orders by american gamers for a european copy of Shenmue II from EB’s UK website, all North American EB’s are now taking pre-orders for the game. For $59.99 you get a copy of the european Shenmue II plus a “converter” (most likely one of the many boot discs that you can buy on the web) that allows you to play the euro-disc on your american Dreamcast. The game ships on the 19th of this month and you can place your pre-order online HERE.

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