Weekly Roundup – 12/08/2002


Many moons ago (aka pre NESfan.com era) I used to run a little site called “Arcadia”. The purpose of the site was to feature some of the better web-based games that could be found on the internet. Even though the site never lasted for very long, my appreciation for fine web games was cemented during that site’s run and I’ve been playing them quite a bit for a few years now. Anyways, I mention this because I’ve decided to start featuring fine web games again, although in a somewhat limited fashion. If you look over there to the right you’ll see a new section of links called “Great Web Games”. This is where I will link to web games that I consider to be exceptional and well worth checking out. As you can see, the first of these featured games is a puzzler by the name of Dynomite! which is presented by the folks over at PopCap Games. I started playing this egg-matching game a couple of weeks ago and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t addicted. Seriously, it’s Tetris good and you should really give it a try.

No Go For Europa?

It’s been confirmed that Japanese and American gamers would get the GameCube versions of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Ura Zelda, but it’s still up in the air as to whether European gamers will receive these highly anticipated titles or not. The localisation process for Europe and its many different languages is apparently a larger task than Nintendo wants to commit to, so our gamer friends on the other side of the pond may just end up missing out. Sorry, guys.

I’ve Come Around

My first few hours into Metroid Prime were odd to say the least. I mean, I could appreciate the extreme high quality of the game’s visual and audio atmosphere, but that whole 1st person shooter thing really threw me for a loop. That’s hardly my favorite genre of game and the Metroid series is probably my favorite game series EVER. Therefore, I just didn’t feel that a mixture of the two would work. While I still would have preferred Prime to have been from an over the shoulder, 3rd person perspective, I finally started getting into the game and have been enjoying it quite a bit. When not cutting a rug in DDR Max (I think I may be addicted), Prime is my console game of choice.

Neverwinter Nights Demo Released

For those of you like me who haven’t yet picked up a copy of Neverwinter Nights but are curious as hell about it, Bioware has finally made a demo available. Although those tools over at Gamespot make it sound as if only Gamespot Gold members can download it, this is not the case and anyone can download it directly from Bioware’s website. Be forewarned though, the file weighs in at a hefty 389 megs, so dial-up users would be better off doing something else.

Poor Dirk

What the hell? Everybody’s been busting on my man Dirk the Daring and his latest adventure in Dragon’s Lair 3D. All of these “professional” gamers that write for all of the ad-plagued pro sites and magazines have been declaring the Xbox version to be pretty much shite. Now I haven’t played the Xbox version, but I HAVE invested a good bit of time with the PC version, and I’ve found the game to be quite enjoyable. Seeing as how the Xbox IS nothing more than a feature-limited PC, I really doubt that the two versions are that much different, if at all. I guess it’s the heavy old-school feel that the game has which is throwing all of these young, pro gaming writers off. I say at least rent or borrow the game before taking any of these pro reviews to heart.

Democracy In Action

I presented to you, the forumers, the option to allow signatures back into the forums, and it looks like just about everyone agrees that it would be a bad idea. Personally, I wholeheartedly agree as I prefer to read fresh content in posts and not have to look at the same damn animated gif over and over and over. Therefore, the sigs stay taboo.

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