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If you’ve been like me and haven’t yet got around to moving from the PS2 versions of Guitar Hero to the Xbox 360, now is a good time to do so. Not because Guitar Hero III is just so incredibly badass that it’s worth the $100+ being asked for the combo box (it may actually be; I don’t know), but because you can now grab the Guitar Hero II combo box for the nice price of $69 at GameStop.

I had been wanting to grab Guitar Hero II or III for the 360 for some time now, and when I came across the $20 off deal at GameStop last night, I had to bite. (That sweet Explorer style guitar only made the deal all the more enticing.)

Even though it looks as if most retailers blew through their entire stock of the Guitar III box set on “Black Friday”, the GameStop where I picked up my GHII box set still had a few available. If you’re interested, ya might wanna go check it out ASAP.

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