The Library Hath Burned


While the server move proved to be quite successful overall, it wasn’t without its problems.  Although it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying, we weren’t able to get the forums fully restored.  It’s not as disastrous as it may sound, however, as we were able to restore all of the information for the registered accounts.  The “Name the Game” thread was also salvaged, so those of you who were playing still have your points.

We apologize for the loss of the old posts, but it was just one of those things that couldn’t be helped.  Nonetheless, the forums are active and ready for use, so help yourself.

(We hope to have the Poll back in action sometime this evening.)

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Discovered as a young 'Squatchling in a Pacific Northwest woodland area in the mid-70's, Fatsquatch was soon domesticated and introduced to the fledgling arcade scene, where he became addicted to the magical sights and sounds of gaming. As years passed, his addiction only worsened, and eventually lead to his desire to write about all things gaming from a veteran point-of-view. Hence, Fatsquatch created The Jaded Gamer in 2001, and set about leading it into permanent obscurity.

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