The Cabin in the Woods

I have many reasons as to why The Secret World is so great, but one of them is the geek-culture references you’ll stumble upon while adventuring through the game’s incredibly interesting world.  Take for example the following establishment, located in a demon and undead inhabited patch of woods known as the “Ash Forest”:

Evil Dead cabin in The Secret World
Hmmm…doesn’t this place look familiar?

YES!  A cabin extremely reminiscent of the one in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead films…in the “ASH Forest”…surrounded by the undead…with a chainsaw lodged in the door frame:

The Secret World - Evil Dead cabin in Ash Forest
A chainsaw? I wonder who this could possibly belong too?

And I thought finding Sasquatch was the coolest.  (He DOES exist, yo!)

Brilliantly geeky and wonderful, Funcom devs.  Cheers!

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