Nothing Says “World of Warcraft Fanatic” Like a Harsh Tat

We have World of Warcraft fans paying over $100 for a 3D print of their character. We have fans carrying World of Warcraft VISA cards in their wallets.
We even have fans who were more than willing to shell out an incredible $5,000 for an overpriced WoW-themed notebook from Dell. But folks, this fellow takes the cake, sporting a WoW/Warlock-themed back tattoo — complete with Warlock insignia, Doomguard, Succubus, Voidwalker, Imp and more skulls than you can shake a sacrificed chicken at:

Word of Warcraft Tattoo

And here I was thinking that I loved playing my Warlock in WoW about as much as the next guy. Clearly I was WAY off on that. (Christ, I couldn’t even splurge for those damn action figures that came out a long time ago.)

Some choice comments from the linked thread:

“Nothing says “virgin for life” more than a low quality WoW tattoo.”

“Haha, you’re gonna look back on this and hate yourself. Suicide ftw?”

“Interesting, a WoW tramp stamp. Hope your boyfriend likes it.”

I laughed.

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  1. zfunk007
    April 5, 2008

    When I see World of Warcraft I feel like my Grandpa trying to listen to Heavy Metal and saying “I just don’t get it.” What is it with this damn game? I will never understand….

    You know, coming from a World of Warcraft virgin (although I have watched friends play it long enough to never want to see the game again) and huge cynic like myself, that tatoo just looked like some random fantasy picture. I would of had no idea it had anything to do with WOW by just looking at it. So maybe he made the right choice hehe….

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