My Youngling: Katamari Master

It has become customary around the old homestead for Katamari Damacy to be fired up at least once a day. Initially this was due to my complete and incurable infatuation with the game, but over the last week or so, it has been mainly because of my daughter; who has gone from simply watching me play, to wanting to play herself. She just turned two years old a couple of days ago and already seems to understand the basic idea of Katamari gameplay (without any coaching from me, BTW). And not only does she love rolling the Katamari around, but she simply adores the soundtrack and oddball cast of characters. (She likes to sing the “nuh-nahhh…na-na-na-na-nuh-nuh-nah” theme song whenever she hears it, and always points out the “King!” and “Prince!” when they appear onscreen).

Little girl playing katamari Damacy

I honestly had no intentions of turning her into one of the elusive and wily girl gamers of geek lore, but it certainly seems to be happening; naturally, nonetheless.

And yeah, I’m proud of my little junior geek…even if she is wearing some of her dinner in that pic.

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