Let’s Get Physical

Okay, my initial urge is to tear Nintendo’s new fitness-based gadget & game, Ring Fit Adventure, a new one, especially after suffering through the two lab-created weirdo presenters they hired for the promo video. However, I have to say that it not only looks like it might be fun to play, but also appears to be a good attempt at helping with one of gaming’s biggest issues: Fat-assery. (A topic with which I have much personal experience.)

From what I’ve seen in the promo video, the Ring Fit Adventure game looks quite good, and seems to focus on gameplay that attempts to be fun and engaging; unlike previous entries in the fitness-game genre (such as Wii Fit or Sony Move Fitness). Couple that with control mechanics that don’t look completely embarrassing (I’m looking at you, 1-2-Switch, with your provocative Milk minigame), and which also look to be quite legit (as far as proper exercises go), and I’m definitely interested. Who knows, I might give this a try, get hooked, and become a little less ‘Squatchy after a few weeks of play.

The Ring Fit Adventure bundle is set to release on October 18, 2019 at a MSRP of $79.99

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