It Hath Returned: “The 100 Greatest Games?”

The 100 Greatest Games?

After so many months of diligent work, I’m beginning to think that I will NEVER get all of the old TJG content converted to the new site design. It started out a rather daunting task, and has certainly remained that way ever since. (I guess that’s to be expected when you have 7 years of content to trudge through.)

But nonetheless, I have made great strides, and a great deal of the old content has been restored. The most notable of which, would be our super-sized The 100 Greatest Games? feature from 2005. I know a lot of folks really enjoyed that piece, and I’m proud to have it available once again for your viewing pleasure.


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Discovered as a young 'Squatchling in a Pacific Northwest woodland area in the mid-70's, Fatsquatch was soon domesticated and introduced to the fledgling arcade scene, where he became addicted to the magical sights and sounds of gaming. As years passed, his addiction only worsened, and eventually lead to his desire to write about all things gaming from a veteran point-of-view. Hence, Fatsquatch created The Jaded Gamer in 2001, and set about leading it into permanent obscurity.

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  1. Glad to see that one back. It might have been the most fun I’ve had working at TJG.

    …and to think, I wrote about 20 entries all in one slow day at work.

  2. I will have to say that this is probably my favorite video game “article” ever. I laughed till it hurt reading through this. Great that it’s back up!

    • “I will have to say that this is probably my favorite video game “article” ever.”

      For reals? Wow! 🙂

      • The reason is because I have never seen any other game site or magazine trash some of the greatest games ever made. It’s just hilarious. I remember sending the article to a friend and he got so mad reading what you guys said about Soul Calibur he refused to read the rest of the article hehe…

        • That particular article is the most misunderstood piece we have on the site. (See example links below.) So many people seem to want to read it without a sense of humor, and think that we truly loathe every game on the list.

          If not that, then people are linking to it, advertising it as being our picks for the 100 greatest games of all-time — completely disregarding the intro where we state that the list is comprised of games featured on other people’s lists.

          I swear, you old friends of the site are pretty much the only folks who “got it”.

          Example A
          Example B

  3. I try not to praise myself too often, but I really enjoy re-reading this article. There’s some stuff I wrote in there that I read again and think “How did I ever come up with that?” Sometimes I think that for a few months while we wrote it, I was somehow possessed by the ghost of a much funnier writer.

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