Intellivision® Amico™ Gamescom 2019 Trailer

Released at the recent Gamescom 2019 event in Germany, the latest trailer for the Amico features legendary video game composer and Intellivision CEO/President, Tommy Tallarico, enthusiastically detailing the upcoming system’s finer points. From the family-friendly cooperative gameplay, to the simple & fun gameplay of classic arcade games, his pitch of the system is rather effective and has certainly helped to increase my interest.

The bits of game footage in the clip are really quick, but I did notice several classic titles represented (with updated visuals), such as Moon Patrol, Asteroids, Shark! Shark!, Missile Command, Night Stalker, and what appears to be a new take on the Light Cycle stage from the Tron arcade game. One thing that really excited me, was the last game shown in the montage, which was none other than Ecco the Dolphin. That was a cool property that seemed to have been mostly forgotten, and like the upcoming Amico exclusive Earthworm Jim game, it’s great to see it getting some love again.

Here are some details about the Intellivision Amico from the Youtube clip:

Releasing 10.10.2020


  • Easy Touchscreen, Disc & Motion Controls
  • Effortless Menu Screen System
  • Games Focused on All Skill Levels
  • Karma™ Gaming Engine
  • Interactive Lighting Guidance System


  • Under $200
  • Games $2.99 – $9.99
  • 2 Pack-In Controllers
  • 5 Pack-In Games
  • No DLC, In-App Purchases, Loot Boxes or Ads!


  • All Games Rated E for Everyone or E10+
  • Encourages Co-Op Participation
  • Games EVERYONE Can Play
  • No Violence, Bad Language
  • Positive Reinforcement Parental Controls


  • Diverse and Unique Game Library
  • Curated Quality Controlled Games
  • Connect up to 8 Mobile Devices With Free App
  • Top Notch Developers
  • Biggest Licensed Intellectual Properties

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