Guitar Jerk

How insecure is Tom Morello?

Guitar Hero III has an interesting new addition; the career mode features occasional “boss battles” in which you must defeat an opposing guitarist. The first one comes near the end of the second stage, as you face off against Tom Morello. Which made me wonder, “just how insecure is this guy?”

Seriously, I’m at “my first real gig” in some seedy bar playing in front of maybe 100 people, and all of a sudden the guy from Rage Against the Machine comes up on stage to prove to everyone that he’s a better guitar player than me? Was he really worried? I mean, dude’s been on the cover of music magazines for the last 15 years, and while I’m butchering Barracuda to a chorus of boos, he feels the need to show me up.

What a jerk.

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