Gotta Get a ‘Cube

Capcom has announced that their much beloved Resident Evil series will be an exclusive to the Nintendo Gamecube.  Although I kinda hate it when games aren’t multi-platform (it’s getting more and more difficult to keep up on current games when there’s a ton of systems to have to buy), seeing the initial screenshots of the Resident Evil remake have me quite excited.  (Talk about state-of-the-art graphics…damn!)

From what I can tell, the R.E. remake is going to be as close to photo-realistic as any game has yet to be.  It’s definitely going to be far improved from the original PlayStation version, that’s for sure.

First the screenshots of the new Metroid, and now this.  I’m starting to think that my gaming dollar is leaning more towards the Gamecube instead of the Xbox as I had originally intended.  Hmmm…

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