GBA Online?

I’m sure there’s been numerous times when you’ve been sitting around playing your GameBoy Advance and thought to yourself, “Boy, I sure wish I could play Britney’s Dance Beat over the internet”. No? Me either. However, that soon may become a possibility as the nReach company has announced that it is designing a device that will allow users to take their GameBoy Advance and connect to the Internet for network play. Here’s a sample of the press release:

Golden, CO, December 19, 2001 — nReach understands that today’s Game Boy Advance generation wants to play and communicate with fellow gamers wirelessly. nReach addresses this demand by introducing the new Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Game Boy Advance. This innovative new product is designed to allow wireless multi-player gaming in person, at designated retail locations, or over the Internet.

You can get the full skinny HERE.

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