Fair and Balanced Stupidity

Hey! Did you know that only 13-year-old boys play video games? And were you aware that Mass Effect was chock full of sinful, hardcore sex?

No? Then prepare to get schooled, my hedonistic friends:

Now unlike the “experts” at Fox News, those of you who have actually played the title know that the game’s sex scene is about as tame as can possibly be. This is all much ado about nothing, and clearly illustrates how this particular news network has no qualms about presenting uninformed speculation as the truth.

By the way, I loved what the panel’s clueless Poindexter had to say near the end of the clip:

Who can argue, possibly, that…uh…ya know…Luke Skywalker meets Debbie Does Dallas is a good thing? It’s not…it’s just not…good…and I’m definitely not gonna let…uh…Mass Effect in my house.

Man, I’ve got a boner just thinking about playing Mass Effect now. I can’t wait till I get home to my “SE”XBOX.

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  1. VagrantSpace
    January 23, 2008

    Why do video games get such a bad rap when movies have been doing this stuff for decades. I am so tired of the closed minded news “experts” and their polls and research studies that don’t even play the games they are bashing. The sex scene is tame and very short and they don’t even make it abundantly clear in the game that you can even have sex with someone. This kind of Jack Thompson shit makes me so angry. People appreciate movies as art and I just don’t believe that gaming will ever earn that as a medium. Mass Effect = Luke Skywalker meets Debbie Does Dallas??? WTF?!?

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