Eat Poo and Die, EB Games

I’ve been patronizing EB Games for many, many moons, and one thing about them always gets my goat: overpriced pre-owned games. The fact that they’ll give you $3 trade-in credit on a game that they will turn around and resell for $44.95 is hardly a surprise to anybody who has dealt with them before, but dammit, every time I’m exposed to their questionable reselling practices I blow a gasket.

What set me off this time was my quest to pick up a pre-owned copy of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for the GBA. Knowing that the game is $29.99 brand new, I foolishly thought I could slide into EB Games and pick up a used copy for considerably less. After perusing the pre-owned games for a sec or two, I spotted 4 copies of Superstar Saga — cartridge-only. As I get older I find that I simply don’t have to have the box and/or manual for all of my games, so the cartridge-only thing is just fine — especially when I consider that the game will be cheaper than usual since it’s missing all of its packaging. Right? Wrong…the game costs $26.99; a whole $3 cheaper than a brand new copy complete with all of its packaging. That, my friends, is absolutely absurd.

C’mon, EB Games executives… I understand that making 800% profit is a wonderful thing for you, but don’t you think that giving your customers a break and pricing pre-owned games a little more reasonably is a better long-term game plan? You could at least try to “get by” on making perhaps 600% profit or something.

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