“Darwinia” Heads To Xbox Live

I kinda hate “cut & paste” site updates and usually refrain from posting press releases (of which we get a TON), but sometimes they’re just too good to not share.

Anyways, this just came in from the PR department at Introversion Software:

Admittedly, it’s been on the rumour-mill for a while and quite possibly one of the worst-kept secrets in Introversion’s history, but recent events meant we thought it was time to end the speculation once and for all!

Three years on from Darwinia’s release on PC and we are really happy to confirm that Introversion is working with Microsoft to bring both Darwinia, and our next title Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest, onto the Xbox LIVE® Arcade service.

Due for release in early Autumn 2008, both games will be released under one package called Darwinia+. As previously announced, we will also be releasing Multiwinia simultaneously onto PC.

The move onto consoles marks a really exciting step forwards for us, as Chris Delay, our Creative Director, so aptly explained today: “When we first started Introversion back in 2001, the idea of developing our games for a console seemed an impossible challenge, and whilst we have built a fantastic community around our PC games, and will continue to support that, it has always been our dream to take the next step and produce a console title.”

Multiwinia is the natural conclusion of what we started with Darwinia way back in 2002 and with the launch of Live Arcade, Microsoft has presented us with a fantastic opportunity to get onto a rung of the console ladder. We’re really looking forward to introducing Darwinia+ to a whole new audience.”

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  1. March 25, 2008

    Live Arcade is the perfect place for a game like Darwinia. Let’s hope it does really well.

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