As I made my way around various gaming sites today, I came across this most pathetic bit of news from SegaWeb:

Shenmue 2 is no longer coming to Dreamcast outside Japan.  In the West, the spectacular game is headed exclusively for Xbox.

I don’t really know what to say other than I’m totally pissed.  As an old timer who has been burned by Sega several times in the past, it took a long time for me to be trustful of them again, yet I did with the Dreamcast.  It’s a marvelous system, and one that had some of the best games released for ANY system over the last couple of years.

When Sega announced they were stopping production on the Dreamcast console early this year, I tried to support their decision with an understanding point of view (as did a lot of DC supporters).  We were told by Sega that even though production of DC consoles were going to stop, the loyal fans would still get new software until the end of the year, with the highly anticipated Shenmue II being the last.  This unexpected and highly disappointing announcement of Shenmue II‘s cancellation for American and European DC owners has totally destroyed any faith I had left in Sega.  Although I will surely enjoy their games on the other platforms (cause Sega CAN make a damn good game), I’m glad they’re out of the hardware business.  I wouldn’t have said that before, but now I can, as I for one am tired of showing even the slightest bit of loyalty to a company who can so easily forget about their fans.

I know consider the Dreamcast to be officially dead.  Adieu.

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