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Ring Fit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch Console Gaming

Let’s Get Physical

Okay, my initial urge is to tear Nintendo’s new fitness-based gadget & game, Ring Fit Adventure, a new one, especially after suffering through the two lab-created weirdo presenters they hired for the…

John Riggs and Tommy Tallarico Intellivision Amico Console Gaming

Hands-On With The Amico

John Riggs of Rigg’d Games recently got to go hands-on with the Amico at E3. Playing legit Amico titles on actual Amico hardware (effectively dispelling the “vaporware” myth), his experience sounds really…

Tommy Tallarico Intellivision Amico Trailer Console Gaming

Intellivision® Amico™ Gamescom 2019 Trailer

Released at the recent Gamescom 2019 event in Germany, the latest trailer for the Amico features legendary video game composer and Intellivision CEO/President, Tommy Tallarico, enthusiastically detailing the upcoming system’s finer points….