Attention: Important Info; Please Read!

Did that get yer attention? (^_^)

Here’s the deal: The hosting provider that I’ve used for nearly all of TJG’s 6+ year run has turned into 100%, grade-A shite. (They were recently bought out by a company who specializes in buying smaller, yet good webhosts, and destroying them within a year or two.)

If you’re a frequent visitor here, you will have no doubt experienced the “drunk turtle” performance of the site over the last several months. (Which seems to be worsening every day.) And I will spare you my rant concerning the effects this poor performance had on TJG’s sister-site, Geeks on Parade, during its entire run. (In fact, as I see it, I firmly believe that I am entitled for a full year’s refund for that experience.)

Anyways, I have set things in motion and am currently in the process of packing everything up and moving the site. So don’t be surprised if things get a bit wonky, with the site’s URL working intermittently, or even not at all. When attempting a move like this, it takes a few days for things to propagate throughout TEH INTARWEBS, and there’s not much one can do about it but have patience.

I’m hoping by Sunday night everything will be back to normal (it may be sooner; it may be later), so stay tuned.

UPDATE: Wow. Here we are 3 hours after that post, and the domain name is already resolving to the new server. To avoid disappointment, I always think back to how long it took to move domain names in the 90’s and use that as a reference for any modern domain moves. As such, I’m always surprised when this process speeds right along as it usually does these days.

Of course, depending on a visitor’s location, the domain name may still not be resolving for everyone. However, that will most likely be straightened out within the next few hours.

Oh yeah, and the site is MUCH faster now. Joy!

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