All Hail the Mighty Return of the Gameboy’s Grandaddy

Mattel Electronics Classic Football HandheldYou know, sometimes stumbling across an old toy that you haven’t seen in years is very much akin to meeting up with an old friend; especially if it’s a toy that you used to absolutely love.  For many of us from the Pong/Atari 2600 generation, Mattel’s electronic Football handheld game was one of those toys.

In the late 70’s and early 80’s, there was nary an elementary or junior high school in existence in which the bleeps and blips of Mattel’s little handheld wonder could not be heard ringing throughout the halls.  It seemed like almost everybody had one, and if you didn’t, chances are you wanted one…well, except for maybe the girls.  Hell, even I had one and I have never been one to be very fond of the sport of football.  The number of hours that I spent playing that little wonder surely ran into the hundreds.  Whether I was playing it on the school bus, in the classroom or sneakily late at night under the covers when I was supposed to be asleep, my little LED addiction knew no bounds.

Sadly enough, I somehow lost my little football friend over the years.  I’m not sure whether I had lent it out, lost it, or sold it at a family yard sale (surely I didn’t do such a thing), but nonetheless it has been many years since I last saw it.  Which is why Mattel’s super-cool decision to put the classic electronic Football handheld back into production totally rocks my world.  Yes that’s right, for $12.99 you can pick up a new version of Mattel’s classic Football game that looks and plays almost exactly like the original.

The level of Mattel’s coolness for putting this game back in production is beyond description.  My hat is off to you guys.

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