An Open Letter to Blizzard About Their Spam Problem


Dear Blizzard Entertainment,

I’m sure you like having the many gold farmers in your games that provide a considerable percentage of your revenue, but you just gotta fix the goddamn spam problem in your titles’ chat channels.  (It was bad enough in World of Warcraft, but in Diablo III, it’s insanely horrible.)

You got Your WoW in my D3!


World of DiabloI’m near the end of Act III in Diablo III‘s “Hell” difficulty mode, and at this point, I find myself being incredibly annoyed by some of the game’s features — especially as they pertain to multiplayer with the D3 community.

Here are the things that have me incredibly close to saying the hell with the game; shelving it until that first expansion pack arrives:

Diablo III: Fixed and Defeated


Blizzard has been working on their Diablo III BattleNet issues, and things have improved dramatically since launch.  In fact, I’ve had very little trouble over the last few days, and on a technical level, I feel completely comfortable recommending the game to anyone interested.

And on a gameplay level, you should be interested, as Diablo III is a blast.  It’s familiar enough to scratch that nostalgic itch from PC gaming’s yesteryear, while implementing enough modern improvements to not feel like Diablo II ½.  I find the simple, yet engaging, gameplay to be a tremendous plus after so many years of complicated MMO gaming, and it’s nice to just login to a game and start having fun right off the bat.

Diablo III: I am Error


I hear ya, Francis

Nerd-rage LOLs aside, the never-ending login issues with Diablo III really are starting to get annoying. I was quite understanding of the expected heavy server-load when the game went live, but now it’s just sort of ridiculous. After all, there’s no way that Blizzard was unaware of how many units they were likely to sell, unaware of the limitless funding they have for server infrastructure, or unaware of their extensive knowledge and experience with running games online. You’d think that after 8 years of running the world’s most popular MMO and 11 years of development on Diablo III, BattleNet would be a little more up to the challenge. I’m remaining patient, but patience is beginning to wear thin.

Increase Your Diablo III Download Speed


If you’ve purchased the digital download version of Diablo III and finding the download speed with Blizzard’s patcher to be complete shite, try this:

  1. Open up Internet Explorer
  2. Press Alt+X to open the Tools menu
  3. Click on “Internet Options”
  4. Click on the “Connections” tab
  5. Click on “LAN Settings”
  6. Uncheck the “Automatically detect settings” option and click “Okay”

Blizzard’s patcher app uses the connection settings in Internet Explorer (even if I.E. isn’t your default web browser), and by disabling the “Automatically detect settings” option, you are likely to see a dramatic increase in download speed.  Even today, when the servers are getting absolutely hammered with activity, I saw my download speed go from an average of 180kbps to 1mbps after changing that setting.

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