Good news everybody: GT4 does NOT suck. Admittedly, I’ve only gotten to spend a few hours with it so far, and obviously I’m not quite ready to review this huge title.  Even so, I think I can safely say that, at the very least, the game is good.  Just how good, I’m not quite ready to say, but it’s definitely better than horrible.  The graphics are gorgeous, the fantastic gameplay from the first is intact, and it looks as if the way you progress through the game is a little bit better.  Plus, it let me transfer over 2 licenses and $100,000 from my old GT3 data.  Nice.

Anyways, the GT4 feature I was planning to do with the car reviews is definitely going to happen now that I know that playing the game will not be pure torture.  Don’t expect to see the first batch of cars up until the end of next week though — I’m going to need some time to accumulate money, buy cars, and actually write the piece.  And if you have any suggestions of cars for me to review, just let me know.  Stay tuned!