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A Brief State of the Union Note


@JoeyConnelly on TwitterSince 2001, this site has seen its share of ups and downs, and it has surely petered out on more than one occasion.  Perusing the amount of new posts that have been published over the last year, it’s no surprise that the site has petered out again.  Truth is, I think Jon, Adam and myself have simply moved on from the journalistic side of gaming, and returned to a pre-Internet age, when we just played games without worrying about what we were going to say about them through the written word.

The Jaded Gamer

Getting Old is a Bitch


It's a bitch being an old gamer.In just a few days, I will be turning 43-years-old.  Forty-flippin’-three.  Christ…

With that age has come approximately 36 years of being a gamer; from the home Pong consoles and Atari 2600 of the late 70’s, to the systems we have today.  What that means, is that at this age I feel as if I have played and seen it all, and by God, I pretty much have.  As a result of that, it gets increasingly difficult to stay interested in the hobby, as there seems to be less and less originality available to me.  Oh, how I envy the young…

Caine’s Arcade


It’s impossible to be an old jaded gamer when you know there are such cool kids as this around.

I want a Fun Pass!

Press Start II


Hello, World.  How in the hell have ya been for the last couple of years while we were away?  Fine, I surely hope.

This newly rebooted version of The Jaded Gamer is brought to you by the same dinosaur who started the original TJG way back on the 1st of October, 2001.  I’m not sure where things are headed, so drop in from time-to-time to see what kind of progression is being made, or just to see how long we go before imploding.

Game on!

20-sided die

Fear of Girls


Although the popular stereotype makes it almost unbearable to admit, it is entirely true that I was a Dungeons & Dragons gamer in high school. In fact, I was usually the “Dungeon Master”, which I suppose made me something of the lead nerd in my little D&D-playing group. As nerdy as my cohorts and I may have been, though, I swear we were never this bad:

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