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Yep, That Pretty Much Covers it!


This clip nicely sums up the different types of players you’ll come across when playing Draw Something.

I really found the types shown at 0:25 and at 1:25 to be especially high-larious.

A Much Needed Blast From the Past


I am a child of the ’80s, that is said with great pride, and any ’80s baby will probably tell you that one of their fondest memories of that decade is Saturday morning cartoons. Heroes were allowed to be violent, robots transformed, and turtles were teenage, mutant, AND ninjas, so like any old fogey, I pine for those days to return. Well, my dreams have come true thanks to Kickstarter and developer Mighty Rabbit Studios in the form of universal iOS title, Saturday Morning RPG. It is a totally tubular mash up of virtually every popular cartoon of the 80’s.

Thoughts on the PSP


I really didn’t think I’d have much to say when the details of the PSP launch were revealed, but now that I see what Sony is planning on doing I’m quite dumbfounded. They’re either extremely confident that the system will sell despite the DS’s sales already exceeding even the most optimistic expectations, or they (like Nintendo) don’t think the two systems are competing with each other.

The original Nintendo DS design



Sprung for the Nintendo DS

Dating sims have been a popular genre in Japan for many years, but have yet to find their niche in the U.S. market. If Ubisoft had published Sprung (Nintendo DS) stateside with the intention of breaking new ground, they certainly picked the wrong title to do it with.

Eat Poo and Die, EB Games


I’ve been patronizing EB Games for many, many moons, and one thing about them always gets my goat: overpriced pre-owned games. The fact that they’ll give you $3 trade-in credit on a game that they will turn around and resell for $44.95 is hardly a surprise to anybody who has dealt with them before, but dammit, every time I’m exposed to their questionable reselling practices I blow a gasket.

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