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Sony Playstation 4 controller Console Gaming

The Next-Gen Golf Clap

Perusing ye olde Internets as of late, I’ve come across several articles reporting the details of Sony’s upcoming Playstation 4, including the system’s $500+ price tag, and that it can be controlled…

The Walking Dead Season 1 by Telltale Games Console Gaming

The Walking Dead (PC)

THE COMPANY LINE “The Walking Dead is an award-winning vision of Robert Kirkman’s global hit comic book series. Experience the true horror and emotional impact of being a survivor of the undead…

Odin Sphere for Playstation 2 Console Gaming

Odin Sphere (PS2)

PRETTY ON THE OUTSIDE Somewhere along the line, it became real cool among gamers to say that graphics don’t matter, gameplay was everything, and that if someone were to make a game…