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The Next-Gen Golf Clap


Playstation 4 announcementPerusing ye olde Internets as of late, I’ve come across several articles reporting the details of Sony’s upcoming Playstation 4, including the system’s $500+ price tag, and that it can be controlled via smartphones or tablets.  (/facepalm)  Aside from a release date of November, 2013, the system’s price tag and integration with other Internet appliances has nearly made up the whole of the system’s hype.  Well, what about the games, or any new technology in the system that might actually advance gaming in some significant way?  Shouldn’t there be some kind of new and legitimately exciting game-related hype regarding this new GAMING system?  (I’m sorry, but rehashing the same types of titles we had in the previous system — only with slightly prettier graphics — just doesn’t do it for me.)

Zombie post at The Jaded Gamer

The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead by Telltale GamesTHE COMPANY LINE:
“The Walking Dead is an award-winning vision of Robert Kirkman’s global hit comic book series. Experience the true horror and emotional impact of being a survivor of the undead apocalypse in a zombie game unlike any other. You will meet people and experience events that will impact the story of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes, and you will be forced to make decisions that are not only tough, but that will have a direct effect on the story that you experience. The undead are everywhere, but they’re not your only problem. Starvation, betrayal, heartbreak and more will challenge you as you attempt to survive in the world of The Walking Dead.”

Nintendo Wii console

The Wii is Warming Up


According to the New York Times (by way of the Seattle PI), Nintendo’s Wii has a set release date and price:

“In a move that may allow Nintendo of Japan to take advantage of stumbles by its main rival, the company plans to announce today that it will release its new Wii video-game console in North and South America on Nov. 19, just as the holiday shopping season begins, and that the machine will cost $250 in the United States.”

I was really hoping for a late-September or early-October release, but hey, November 19 will be here before we know it.

Nintendo Wii console

Farewell “Revolution”, Hello “Wii”?


Out of nowehere, Nintendo has changed the name of their upcoming console from Revolution to Wii (pronounced “we”). Now, I don’t know why their marketing department thought this was an improvement, but if you’re like me, you’re thinking that Wii is about as god-awful as naming the console “cabbage” or “hemorrhoid”. I mean really, Revolution was a pretty badass name, and to me, it conveyed a new dawn for Nintendo as a company, and for videogaming in general. With that one word, you just knew that the Revolution meant business, and was a grammatical indicator of what the system — with its unique control schemes and whatnot — promised to do for the currently stale state of the industry. Wii just seems like some oddball artsy fartsy name that’s going to make gamers feel like complete tools every time they mention that they’re going to go play with their Wii or buy Game X for their Wii. Ugh.

Can I at Least Get a Quarter?


Recently, I was able to acquire a bundle of about 20 or so Playstation and Playstation 2 games. After picking through them and taking the handful that I wanted, I took the rest to a local EB to trade-in. Almost all of the games I traded in were either really old, horrible, or both; so when I was offered just over $30 for the whole group of them, I found that to be a fair offer and turned them in. It was only after I got home and looked over the receipt that things started to seem a little less fair. Anyone want to guess what the trade-in value of Gran Turismo 3 for PS2 is?

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