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FlowingMindspin cut his teeth on beating up Generic Dudes and icing zombies while he was growing up in the early '90s. After he turned all of the thugs in River City into honor students he found himself drawn to the more in-depth experiences gaming had to offer. Now a huge JRPG buff with a soft spot for the classics that filled his youth with joy (and anger... so much anger), he's turned to the wonder that is the Internet to spew vitriol and wax nostalgic.

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What’s in a Voice?


I finally got my hands on Nightshade today, and while it seems to lack the luster that Shinobi had, one thing sticks out as a glaring fault in my mind: Hibana’s voice.

You see, Hibana is a badass ninja chick. She slices and dices her way through hordes of ninjas, robots, and Hellspawn without breaking a sweat (or a nail, for that matter). But every time she speaks, I can’t help but think of her as your everyday, typical, stay-at-home mom type. Her voice lacks emotion in almost every situation, and it seems void of the
intensity one expects a ninja to have. It’s almost as if she’s bored with the lines given to her, or lead such a stoic lifestyle that she doesn’t know what anger, sadness, and intensity are.

Shadowrun logo

Got a Problem, Chummer?


I have this little glimmer of hope inside me that says other people remember the Shadowrun games for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, or at least one of them. At the time they were released there was really nothing else quite like them available on home consoles. They had a very dark atmosphere, unparalleled character interaction, and just a certain something about them that made them rock. It’s hard to put into words, but some of my fondest gaming memories growing up lie within these two great titles.

.hack from Bandai



It’s not very often a gamer can go to his or her favorite store in search of the latest, greatest game and find it for less than $50. Most gamers have no problem with paying that amount of money for a spankin’ new game, especially if it’s made by one of their favorite companies or is a continuation of one of their favorite series. I know that I rarely purchase games on a whim when they’re new and fully priced, but just a few months ago I did just that. Despite reading reviews that passed the game off as being mediocre, I purchased .hack//infection, thanks to hearing great things about it from some friends whom I usually share common gaming interests with. The idea of playing a game that simulates a MMORPG was very interesting to me, although it wasn’t to everyone.

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