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Tommy Tallarico Intellivision Amico Trailer Console Gaming

Intellivision® Amico™ Gamescom 2019 Trailer

Released at the recent Gamescom 2019 event in Germany, the latest trailer for the Amico features legendary video game composer and Intellivision CEO/President, Tommy Tallarico, enthusiastically detailing the upcoming system’s finer points….

Altered Beast Rise From Your Grave Uncategorized

It’s Alive!

So, the last time I piped up around these parts, I was going on about how the site was going into pause mode and that I would be “micro-blogging” on Twitter. Well,…

Sony Playstation 4 controller Console Gaming

The Next-Gen Golf Clap

Perusing ye olde Internets as of late, I’ve come across several articles reporting the details of Sony’s upcoming Playstation 4, including the system’s $500+ price tag, and that it can be controlled…

The Walking Dead Season 1 by Telltale Games Console Gaming

The Walking Dead (PC)

THE COMPANY LINE “The Walking Dead is an award-winning vision of Robert Kirkman’s global hit comic book series. Experience the true horror and emotional impact of being a survivor of the undead…