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The Water’s Still Fine


I’ve gotten my ranger in Vanguard, Skip Skipperson, to level 17, and I’m glad to report that I still find him a blast to play.  Typically, I play casters in MMOs, but have never shied away from rolling archer toons, as they’re a good alternative (ranged DPS) class for the way I like to play.

I’ve played archers since Ultima Online, but I’m thinking the ranger class in Vanguard may be my favorite.  Groovy ranged and melee abilities, stealth similar to World of Warcraft‘s rogue class, and the ability to tame and control animals (albeit briefly), all make Vanguard‘s rangers pretty serious contenders.  In short, they get shit done.

A Much Needed Blast From the Past


I am a child of the ’80s, that is said with great pride, and any ’80s baby will probably tell you that one of their fondest memories of that decade is Saturday morning cartoons. Heroes were allowed to be violent, robots transformed, and turtles were teenage, mutant, AND ninjas, so like any old fogey, I pine for those days to return. Well, my dreams have come true thanks to Kickstarter and developer Mighty Rabbit Studios in the form of universal iOS title, Saturday Morning RPG. It is a totally tubular mash up of virtually every popular cartoon of the 80’s.

An Era Long Forgotten


Since Fatsquatch has been reminiscing about MMOs out of the gate here, my mind has begun to wander back to a simpler time. A time when the only way to access the Internet in my area was with a blazing 56K connection. A time when our computer which rocked Windows 98, a 4 GB hard drive, and 32 MB of RAM was the envy of all of my friends. A time when all I really wanted to do was find games to play online with other people… that were free, of course.

A Return to “The Vision”


The last time I played Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, it was a couple months after launch, when my patience with the game’s many bugs had completely run out.  Despite how much I wanted to see the game fulfill its promise, I quit mid-quest — complete with a big F-U to Brad McQuaid‘s much-ballyhooed “Vision”.

As the spiritual successor to McQuaid’s EverQuest, Vanguard did indeed have a great deal of promise.  Featuring tons of races and classes, meaningful crafting, a huge non-instanced world (Including Ultima Online-style player housing), and some pretty fine audio-visuals (even if largely uninspired), there was a whole lot for the MMO veteran to like in Vanguard.



In my never-ending quest for an MMO that hearkens back to the “sandboxey”, virtual world promise of the genre’s early successes, I come across a point of interest every now and then.  Never anything that slakes my longstanding thirst for the aforementioned type of MMO, but something that’s interesting enough for me to waste precious moments of my life on instead.

Today I present you with the browser-based MMO, Realm of the Mad God (also available on Steam); a peculiar little game that features non-stop action, old-school pixelated graphics, and one of the most interesting — and feared — game mechanics to ever be implemented in a persistent online game: PERMADEATH.

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