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The Game of Solitude…or…How I Returned to LotRO


Gollum in The Lord of the Rings OnlineI maintain that Vanguard is a much-improved game worthy of a second (or even first) look, but for now, I’m dropping out.  Not because of annoying technical bugs, lame classes, or mind-numbingly boring combat, but because the world seems completely devoid of players.

Yep, That Pretty Much Covers it!


This clip nicely sums up the different types of players you’ll come across when playing Draw Something.

I really found the types shown at 0:25 and at 1:25 to be especially high-larious.

Bioware Strikes Back


Like everyone else who played Star Wars: The Old Republic for about a month and then said “the hell with this derivative shite”, I received an e-mail from Bioware yesterday that basically said “please come back and try our game again”.  Seems they’ve just rolled out a big game update (1.2: Legacy, to be exact) and would really like to get a lot of those lost subscribers back by offering free play till April 20th.  Oh yeah, and if you reactivate your subscription, you get a useless little Tauntaun pet to run around behind you.  Which will be pretty cool for about two minutes, when you’ll then notice that every other dillhole in the game is running around with one.

Caine’s Arcade


It’s impossible to be an old jaded gamer when you know there are such cool kids as this around.

I want a Fun Pass!

Lake of Fire


I seriously doubt I’ll ever step another virtual foot into Azeroth, but I do really miss my Warlock, and things like this (from World of Warcraft‘s upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion pack) kind of excite me.

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