Out of nowehere, Nintendo has changed the name of their upcoming console from Revolution to Wii (pronounced “we”). Now, I don’t know why their marketing department thought this was an improvement, but if you’re like me, you’re thinking that Wii is about as god-awful as naming the console “cabbage” or “hemorrhoid”. I mean really, Revolution was a pretty badass name, and to me, it conveyed a new dawn for Nintendo as a company, and for videogaming in general. With that one word, you just knew that the Revolution meant business, and was a grammatical indicator of what the system — with its unique control schemes and whatnot — promised to do for the currently stale state of the industry. Wii just seems like some oddball artsy fartsy name that’s going to make gamers feel like complete tools every time they mention that they’re going to go play with their Wii or buy Game X for their Wii. Ugh.