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20-sided die

Fear of Girls


Although the popular stereotype makes it almost unbearable to admit, it is entirely true that I was a Dungeons & Dragons gamer in high school. In fact, I was usually the “Dungeon Master”, which I suppose made me something of the lead nerd in my little D&D-playing group. As nerdy as my cohorts and I may have been, though, I swear we were never this bad:

Welcome to the Jungle


In my post from yesterday, I mentioned how I have been reliving some Atari 2600 experiences with the “help” of my daughter. I have “enquothed” (if Colbert can make up words, then so can I) the word help, because while I was attempting to sort and organize my many games in order of importance, my daughter decided it was more fun to make a mountain out of them. After a while, I simply had to give up, completely forgetting about such things as order and rule. It’s just one of the many laws one has to live by while residing in the land of the toddlers.

So That’s What Happened to All My Free Time…


This past Christmas, I decided to get a second job as a seasonal temp working at a nearby Gamestop. I started there in early November, and was on staff until the first week of January or so. All told, I worked at the store for about eight weeks. I just received my W-2 form the other day, and was somewhat surprised to see that while working there, I had managed to earn a whopping $174 (before taxes). At my hourly wage of $6/hr, that means that I worked a grand total of 29 hours over those 8 weeks, which is an average of 3.5 hours a week. What’s even better is that due to my prior experience working at EB, I was one of the temps who got the most hours.



Seeing as how we’re in an age where the term “old-school” is often relegated to discussions involving the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis, I was quite taken aback to see Brad’s recent nostalgia trip involving antiquated Atarian hardware. While we certainly discuss classic gaming and whatnot around here, we hardly ever go back that far; trudging through the primordial ooze of gaming that so many modern gamers are ignorant of. I was especially surprised at his timing, as over the last several days I have been going through my collection of Atari 2600 carts (with the “help” of my toddler daughter), reliving ancient experiences from my pre-teen years.

So Much for a Second Chance


Back when I worked at EB, we had a sales associate on staff named Colin. EB was Colin’s second job, and because of his limited availability he only worked about 12 hours a week at the store, usually on Sunday and one weekday morning. Colin was not exactly a model employee — he was late almost every day, whined incessantly, and made a fair share of mistakes. He was for the most part relegated to the position of “store whipping boy”, getting stuck with many of the really unpleasant tasks and getting blamed for just about anything that ever went wrong.

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