gamer_clipartWith the Xbox 360 hitting store shelves next month and the other companies getting new consoles ready for release in the near future, I would be derelict in my duty as an Internet game journalist if I didn’t provide some coverage and critical analysis of the upcoming hardware. I’m kidding of course — as evidenced by Gamespot and IGN, the duty of the Internet game journalist is to provide endless hype and rave mindlessly about how great these consoles are going to be without writing anything of real substance. This is in stark contrast to print magazines, which have adopted the much more profitable method of simply letting the marketing staff for each console manufacturer write the preview articles for them. In case you didn’t know, most game magazines are filthy rags. Not just any rags though, these are the kind that you shouldn’t store in your garage over the summer because they are probably oil-soaked and will burn your house down.