February 2005

Gran Turismo 3 Console Gaming

GT4 Feature?

Hey gang, I just wanted to drop in quickly to announce that I will be writing a feature which should provide some in-depth coverage of the upcoming Gran Turismo 4 (assuming it’s…

Sony PSP system Portable Gaming

Thoughts on the PSP

I really didn’t think I’d have much to say when the details of the PSP launch were revealed, but now that I see what Sony is planning on doing I’m quite dumbfounded….

¡No Es Bueno!

It appears that my proclamation of success regarding partial-forum-recovery was a tad premature.  After some use, it has become quite apparent that the old database was way too flaky and was causing…

Fire Uncategorized

The Library Hath Burned

While the server move proved to be quite successful overall, it wasn’t without its problems.  Although it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying, we weren’t able to get the forums fully restored. …