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City of Heroes



The last time I paid any attention to City of Heroes on this site, I expressed that I wasn’t sure if the game had the legs to make it through the long haul or not. I mean after all, there’s no “PhAt LeWt!” or “Scimitars of infinite sadness” to collect, and as someone who’s played too many MMOG’s that want to be EverQuest, the lack of virtual collectibles seems almost alien.

The Jaded Gamer

Hey, I’m An Idiot!


After having the “Help Wanted” page up for a few weeks, I recently realized that the form had no place for someone to enter their e-mail address (or any other contact info).  DOH!

As you can surely imagine, this kind of makes it hard to contact any prospective staffers that I may be interested in.  So…if you’ve previously filled out the form, I really appreciate your interest, but I’m gonna need you to fill it out again.  Sorry about that, but my obvious ineptitude requires that I make this request.

Star Wars @ The Jaded Gamer

Free Star Wars Gaming Goodness


There are a lot of talented people on the ‘net offering up free games for our enjoyment, and it never ceases to amaze me just how talented some of these independent freeware authors are and how good their games can be. I’ve just recently stumbled across two such pieces of freeware that are so good, I simply had to pass them along.

Star Wars: The Battle of Yavin and Star Wars: The Battle of Endor are two impressive games that were single-handedly created by a Spanish chap named Bruno R. Marcos. Both games (which are 3D space shooters) are really worth your time, and I can easily recommend them — especially if you’re a Star Wars fan who has never grown tired of blowing up Tie-Fighters.

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