March 2004

Bored boy Console Gaming

Gaming Without a Care

I have entered gaming ennui. Is it because games are cookie-cutter versions of themselves with no real innovation? Not at all. It’s actually becoming the opposite. You see, there is a sociological…

Nightshade on Playstation 2 Console Gaming

What’s in a Voice?

I finally got my hands on Nightshade today, and while it seems to lack the luster that Shinobi had, one thing sticks out as a glaring fault in my mind: Hibana’s voice….

Portable Gaming

Eat Poo and Die, EB Games

I’ve been patronizing EB Games for many, many moons, and one thing about them always gets my goat: overpriced pre-owned games. The fact that they’ll give you $3 trade-in credit on a…