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What’s in a Voice?


I finally got my hands on Nightshade today, and while it seems to lack the luster that Shinobi had, one thing sticks out as a glaring fault in my mind: Hibana’s voice.

You see, Hibana is a badass ninja chick. She slices and dices her way through hordes of ninjas, robots, and Hellspawn without breaking a sweat (or a nail, for that matter). But every time she speaks, I can’t help but think of her as your everyday, typical, stay-at-home mom type. Her voice lacks emotion in almost every situation, and it seems void of the
intensity one expects a ninja to have. It’s almost as if she’s bored with the lines given to her, or lead such a stoic lifestyle that she doesn’t know what anger, sadness, and intensity are.

Eat Poo and Die, EB Games


I’ve been patronizing EB Games for many, many moons, and one thing about them always gets my goat: overpriced pre-owned games. The fact that they’ll give you $3 trade-in credit on a game that they will turn around and resell for $44.95 is hardly a surprise to anybody who has dealt with them before, but dammit, every time I’m exposed to their questionable reselling practices I blow a gasket.

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