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Grand Theft Auto III


Grand Theft Auto III box artHaving been a gamer for 20+ years, it’s getting increasingly rare for a game to completely “wow” me.  Even though each generation of console provides improved technical ability, more often than not the games simply remain the same as the ones that came before them (as far as experiences go).  However, every once in a while a game will come along that makes me glad that I have remained faithful to the gaming hobby for so long. Metroid, Final Fantasy VII, and more recently Shenmue, have all been games that provided not only great gameplay, but a unique experience as well.  Now, there’s another such title to add to that distinguished list.

Night of the Living Dead


In a completely unexpected and surprising move, Sega of Japan has fired up the factories and have started to once again manufacture the Dreamcast console.  The demand for Sega’s great, yet previously under-appreciated console has risen considerably since the unit’s recent price drop (especially in Japan), and every effort is being made to satisfy the demand of the gaming community.

Although this in no way means that Sega will begin to release any future games for the DC, it surely has to be considered as a remote possibility.  With the high demand for Shenmue II imports by American gamers and the continuing success of Phantasy Star Online, we just may see some new releases for the DC after all.

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