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GBA Online?


I’m sure there’s been numerous times when you’ve been sitting around playing your GameBoy Advance and thought to yourself, “Boy, I sure wish I could play Britney’s Dance Beat over the internet”. No? Me either. However, that soon may become a possibility as the nReach company has announced that it is designing a device that will allow users to take their GameBoy Advance and connect to the Internet for network play. Here’s a sample of the press release:

Lieberman/Kohl Strike Back


Continuing with their persistent war on the almighty and unholy evil that is videogames, Senators Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) and Herb Kohl (D-Wisc.) have released a list of games that they feel parents should avoid buying for their children this holiday season.

Which titles made the grade? To no ones surprise, Grand Theft Auto III took the #1 position as the most violent videogame available, with Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Max Payne, Metal Gear Solid 2, Silent Hill 2, Twisted Metal Black, Time Crisis 2, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Devil May Cry, Soldier of Fortune Gold and Serious Sam rounding out the list.

Squashing the Rumor Bug


Well, the rumors have been flying around for the last couple of days that Grand Theft Auto III has been banned in the US and that retailers nationwide were pulling the game from their shelves. After talking with the managers of two different Electronics Boutique via telephone, I was informed that this indeed was not the case. If you don’t see any copies of GTA3 on the shelves, it’s not because the game was banned, but because it has simply been sold out.

On a related note, the game is still banned in Australia, with Take Two Interactive considering releasing a “toned down” version for the Aussies.

Well I’ll Be Damned


Ya know, I often give Electronics Boutique a lot of flak. Especially when it comes to their lame trade-in values, in which they give you $1.20 trade credit on a game only to turn around and put a $49.95 “PRE-OWNED” sticker on it. However, they’ve finally done something really cool that I just got wind of.

Why not Ban Vegemite Instead?


It had been rumored, and even expected, for some time now that Grand Theft Auto III would be banned in Australia, and it looks like that’s exactly what has happened.  Seeing as how the previous games in this series were also banned in the land of kangaroos and crocodiles, this doesn’t really come as a surprise (especially considering GTA3‘s extremely violent content).  While I wholeheartedly agree that this game should not be played by children or bi-polar teens with homicidal and suicidal tendencies, it is indeed sad that such a great game can not be enjoyed by those who are mature enough to handle it.

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