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New Resident Evil Footage; ‘Cube Fans Rejoice!


Okay, I’ve finally stopped drooling long enough to pass along some new info on the GameCube’s Resident Evil remake.  If you want to see some rather impressive footage, head over to IGN and check out their Resident Evil preview page.  Specifically, scope out the “Shadows Demonstrated” movie located at the bottom of the page.  The footage shows Chris Redfield running around various parts of the mansion, and the graphics are stunning, to say the least.  Sure, the initial screenshots of the game looked gorgeous, but it’s all the more impressive when you actually see it in action.

All Hail the Mighty Return of the Gameboy’s Grandaddy


Mattel Electronics Classic Football HandheldYou know, sometimes stumbling across an old toy that you haven’t seen in years is very much akin to meeting up with an old friend; especially if it’s a toy that you used to absolutely love.  For many of us from the Pong/Atari 2600 generation, Mattel’s electronic Football handheld game was one of those toys.

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