October 2001

Way of the Warrior for 3DO by Naughty Dog Console Gaming

Way of the Warrior (3DO)

THE FIRST RULE OF FIGHT CLUB… According to the groovy talking skull in the opening FMV sequence, a group known as the “Kthundra monks” holds a fighting tournament once every century in…

Sony Playstation 2 System Console Gaming

Playstation 2 in Trouble?

Even though the PS2 has been out a year, I never had the urge to buy one until just recently.  There never seemed to be any must-have games available for the system,…

Shenmue II for Dreamcast box art Console Gaming


As I made my way around various gaming sites today, I came across this most pathetic bit of news from SegaWeb: Shenmue 2 is no longer coming to Dreamcast outside Japan.  In…