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All We had to do was Believe


Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed that PaRappa the Rapper 2 will be released in the US early next year.  Being the sequel to one of the more innovative and fun PSX titles of all time, PaRappa 2 will feature all new tunes, as well as retaining its original cartoony look.  Although Um Jammer Lammy was considered as being the sequel to the original PaRappa, if you were as disappointed with it as I was, then you know that PaRappa 2 will be the REAL sequel.

Green Plastic Army Man

The Army: It’s not Just a Job, it’s a Video Game


This comes by way of Reuters:

The U.S. Army, in an unprecedented alliance with Hollywood and a major university, is providing funding and technical advice for video games that aim to hone the skills of the next-generation of military field commanders. The Institute for Creative Technologies, which is jointly operated by the Army and the University of Southern California, said Thursday it will develop two combat video games with financial and tactical backing from the Army.

Which One is the Best?


This is quite a confusing time for gamers. In about 3 weeks there will be 3 high profile consoles on the market for gamers to choose from, and most everybody is quite undecided as to which camp they should give their money to. Since I consider myself somewhat of an authority on the matter (valid or not), I thought I’d take a look at the upcoming console wars and give my 2 cents.

Oh, Come on, Sega!


Instead of giving American and European Dreamcast owners the chance to play Shenmue II, Sega felt that compiling all of the cinemas from Shenmue (Chapter 1) and slapping them together as a movie would be a better use of company resources.

After an upcoming, short stint in Japanese movie theaters, the 90-minute Shenmue: The Movie will be released on Region 2 NTSC DVD on December 21 for a suggested retail price of 4700 yen.  A North American release date has not yet been announced.

Sometimes it Sucks to be First


The details have come in from Konami on the Xbox version of Silent Hill 2, and adopters of the Playstation 2 version have plenty to be upset about.  The game is officially titled Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams, and in addition to improved graphics over the PS2 version, the game will also feature a new mode of play.

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